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Careless Driving Demerit Points

Careless Driving Tickets have 6 Demerit Points

  • The amount of Careless Driving Demerit Points will not be on the ticket. The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) assign Careless Driving Demerit Points to traffic tickets and are listed in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.
  • Careless Driving Demerit Points and Penalties Include:
  • Six (6) Careless Driving Demerit Points
  • Thirty (30) day licence suspension for G1 and G2 Licnce holders
  • Dramatically increased insurance rates
  • Thirty (3) day licence suspension for M1 and M2 licence holders
  • Possible loss or employment issues for commercial/professional drivers
  • If you incure nine (9) Careless Driving Demerit Points the Ministry calls drivers for an interview to discuss licence suspensions
  • The Careless Driving Demerit Points on the ticket are not controlled by the court, police officer nor the judge.
  • Also the judge can not erase or get rid of Careless Driving Demerit Points if convicted.
  • The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) always assigns Careless Driving Demerit Points when convicted.
  • If convicted, the Careless Driving Demerit Points incurred go directly on your driver record as soon as the court records it.


Careless Driving Demerit Points are on your driving record for 3 (three) years from the date of offence.

Careless Driving Demerit Points are only placed on your driver record after the ticket has been paid or has been registered by the court.

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