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Fatal Traffic Accidents

Careless Driving – Fatal Traffic Accidents

In the case of  Fatal Traffic Accidents, the police investigate the collision and also determine who is at fault for the accident and why it happened.

When death or serious injuries take place at an accident than a police officer with specialized training and knowledgeable in Fatal Traffic Accidents will investigate the collision.

Levels of Investigators in Fatal Traffic Accidents:

  1. Level One Fatal Traffic Accidents Investigator – Has taken an introductory course on accident investigation
  2. Level Two Fatal Traffic Accidents Investigator – This investigator has taken a more detailed course including speed and skid mark analysis
  3. Level Three Fatal Traffic Accidents Investigator – This investigator received detailed training- the means years of experience
  4. Level Four Fatal Traffic Accidents Investigator – This is an investigator that has received the highest qualification for a police officer – extensive experience and training

Investigations in Fatal Traffic Accidents

The Police Will:

  • Gather statements from all witnesses
  • Gather detailed measurements of the accident scene
  • Take photos of the scene of the collision and the vehicles involved
  • Have a licensed mechanic examine vehicles involved  for mechanical issues
  • Appear at an autopsy
  • Examine the case with a Prosecutor before laying any charges
  • Assemble a detailed report of Fatal Traffic Accidents

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